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Revente de charbon thermique en Asie

Resale of thermal coal in Asia: European buyers change strategy

European buyers of thermal coal are turning to Asia to take advantage of their abundant stocks. With demand falling in Europe due to high natural gas storage and renewable energy generation, market players are looking to resell their coal on the Asian market.

Pakistan conflit charbon

Pakistan: 16 dead in tribal land dispute over coal

16 people killed in a land dispute between tribes in Pakistan over the sharing of coal deposits. Disputes over the distribution of mineral resources are common in the mountainous region of Darra Adam Khel, despite past attempts to resolve them through traditional assemblies.

In China, coal mines make their 4.0 revolution

In China, the digitization of coal mines is accelerating, with robots and advanced technology gradually replacing human workers. But this modernization raises questions about the environmental impact of the mining industry and the fate of the workers.

Relance charbon Allemagne

Paris is concerned about a revival of coal in Germany

France criticizes the idea of reviving fossil fuel energy in Germany to compensate for the nuclear phase-out, as it goes against the collective European climate action. Coal-fired power plants emit gases that are harmful to the air, and Germany plans to close all power plants by 2038.