Édition Geothermal Energy

NY-GEO urges New York Senate to pass new geothermal legislation

New York Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO) calls on the New York State Senate to pass legislation in favor of geothermal heat pumps. This initiative aims to eliminate outdated regulations that hamper the industry and encourage the use of cleaner, more efficient heating and cooling systems.

Zorlu energy centrale électrique combinée

Zorlu Energy: a combined power plant for a green economy

Zorlu Energy launches a combined renewable energy power plant using geothermal and solar energy. This initiative will contribute to the Turkish economy by avoiding the emission of 3,600 tons of carbon dioxide per year and will encourage others to invest in similar projects.

Saudi Arabia embraces geothermal energy with TAQA Geothermal

TAQA announced the creation of its subsidiary TAQA Geothermal Energy LLC in partnership with Reykjavik Geothermal. Based in Riyadh, this new company will aim to explore and develop geothermal resources in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.

Japan: Why is geothermal energy untapped?

Japan has the third largest geothermal resources in the world, but produces only 0.3% of its electricity from this renewable energy source. The owners of the onsens, the traditional Japanese hot water baths, are one of the main obstacles to their operation.

DEEP Earth announces its first geothermal project in Canada

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. announces the finalization of its strategy to build its first geothermal project in southeastern Saskatchewan. This 25 MW facility will be the first 100% natural geothermal powered facility in Canada.


EDC presents six geothermal projects

EDC (Energy Development Corporation), which specializes in geothermal energy, is planning at least six new projects in the Philippines.