In the spotlight

The best of the day's professional energy news.

In the spotlight

The best of the day's professional energy news.

Politics & Energy DIPLOMACY

Diplomatic & political news from the international energy sector

Japan looks to Malaysia

Japan is seeking to ensure its energy security. The country signs a cooperation protocol with Petronas, a Malaysian company.

Thinking the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in terms of the energy issue

Zinedine Gaïd

Zinedine Gaïd

More than five months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the war continues. Since then, the world is facing a major energy crisis. Prices are soaring, security of supply is increasingly difficult to guarantee. As winter approaches, Europe is looking for alternatives and trying to break away from Russia. If the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the energy crisis are in the headlines today, the underlying energy issue is not new. For you, has deciphered the Russian-Ukrainian conflict from the point of view of the energy issue.


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Charcoal Edition

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China still relies on coal

In China, coal is still preferred to avoid a shortage of electricity. Coal production is on the rise.

German coal_energynews

German Coal is in trouble

Germany, to face the energy crisis, authorizes the reopening of coal-fired power plants. The reignition of the power plants faces obstacles: lack of manpower and complicated supply.

Oil Edition

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Oil Prices Recover

Oil prices are recovering, buoyed by speculation about a potential OPEC production cut.

Nuclear Edition

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Coopération EURATOM IAEA

EURATOM and IAEA Cooperate

EURATOM continues its cooperation with the IAEA in the field of nuclear safety. They broaden the areas covered by it.

IAEA satisfied with Slovak Commitment

The IAEA said it was satisfied with Slovakia’s commitment. The country is committed to achieving a high level of nuclear safety.

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