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Transfert de pétrole, FSO Safer, Risques évidents, Marée noire, Crise humanitaire au Yémen

Rescuing the tanker Safer, a “risky” operation with no alternative

The dangerous transfer of a huge cargo of oil from the FSO Safer, a dilapidated floating terminal off the coast of Yemen, raises major concerns about environmental and humanitarian risks. Despite the obvious dangers, the UN mobilized to prevent an imminent oil spill by undertaking a complex operation to transfer the oil to a supertanker.

Ofgem, Enquête, Compagnie d'électricité, Drax, Biomasse, Certification d'origine renouvelable

United Kingdom: Drax energy company investigated over environmental promises

UK energy regulator Ofgem is launching an investigation into Drax Electricity, following allegations that the wood used to generate electricity in its power stations is not truly renewable. This survey sheds light on the issues surrounding renewable energy obligation schemes, and is drawing criticism from environmental NGOs. While Drax claims to cooperate fully with Ofgem and independently verify the renewable origin of its biomass, the investigation follows growing concerns about the environmental sustainability of this practice.

TotalEnergies, militants du climat, hydrocarbures, accord de Paris, suspension des projets

TotalEnergies: request to the courts to suspend future fossil fuel projects

Oil giant TotalEnergies is facing a coalition of NGOs and local authorities, including the cities of Paris and New York, calling for a halt to all new hydrocarbon projects worldwide. This request, deemed “unfair” by TotalEnergies, is a provisional measure pending the court’s ruling on the obligation to align the Group’s climate strategy with the Paris Agreement. The coalition cites scientific and institutional reports in support of its claim, while TotalEnergies defends its climate strategy and warns of the consequences of suspending the projects. This case illustrates the growing tensions between the oil industry and climate advocates, and could set a major legal precedent.

General meetings of large groups under pressure from NGOs

Shareholder meetings are turning into battlegrounds between climate activists and large companies, revealing the inadequacies of the fight against climate change. Disruptions, interruptions and confrontations mark these meetings where activists denounce the “greenwashing” and demand more ambitious commitments.

Pays-Bas éoliennes oiseaux

Netherlands: wind turbines paused to let birds pass

Wind turbines in the North Sea were stopped for a few hours to protect migratory birds, a world first claimed by the Netherlands. Wind farm owners will be required to reduce the speed of wind turbines during nighttime peaks to ensure the safety of birds.

France: In the Vendée bocage, cement almost without CO2

The cement plant of the French start-up Hoffmann Green, located south of Nantes, embodies the revolution of the cement industry by drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Thanks to an innovative process without clinker, firing or gas, this brand new plant emits three to five times less greenhouse gases than traditional cement manufacturers.

AG Barclays perturbations

Barclays’ AGM in turn disrupted by environmental activists

Environmental activists disrupted the Barclays AGM in London by declaiming verses generated by ChatGPT and modifying the lyrics of a Spice Girls song to protest against the financing of hydrocarbons. The president invited the protesters to the question and answer session.