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France reaches 100,000 electric terminals

France has passed the milestone of 100,000 electric charging stations installed on its territory, catching up with its European neighbors. Although hailed as an achievement, the question of maintaining such a network and deploying fast charges remains, as these are still largely in the minority.

Skoda tries a new electric start

The German Volkswagen Group plans to revitalize its Skoda brand, which has been hit by component shortages and a drop in deliveries in 2022. To achieve this, Skoda is banking on the release of new electric models, but is not planning a radical electric shift, keeping an eye on the prospects for its combustion vehicles abroad.

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Air transport: agreement in the EU to green aircraft fuels

The EU imposes a minimum rate of “green” fuels for aircraft, with a gradual increase to 70% by 2050, to reduce polluting emissions from air transport. Sustainable fuels” include synthetic fuels, renewable hydrogen and biofuels.

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Explosive” growth of the global electric car market again this year

Electric car sales are expected to account for 18% of the global market this year, leading to a reduction in oil demand, according to an IEA report. The main markets for electric cars are China, the United States and Europe, but the trend is growing in other countries.

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Used EVs for mass adoption

The transition to electric vehicles will be gradual, with the arrival of used EVs. Charging infrastructure, home systems, and automaker transformations are key to increasing electric vehicle adoption.