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EDF Renewables Ireland and Simply Blue Group sign partnership deal on Western Star and Emerald floating offshore wind projects in Ireland.

EDF Renewables Ireland and Simply Blue Group join forces to develop floating wind projects in Ireland, as part of a strategic collaboration to meet the government’s ambitious renewable energy targets. These promising projects open up new prospects for offshore wind energy and strengthen the position of both partners in the Irish energy market. By combining their expertise and commitment to the energy transition, they aspire to generate a significant amount of clean electricity to meet the needs of millions of Irish households, while helping to protect the environment and coastal communities.

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Worldwide orders for wind turbines set a new record in the first quarter, up 27% year-on-year

The wind turbine market expanded significantly in the first quarter, with worldwide orders reaching record levels. China remains the main driver of this growth, setting a new record with 15.2 GW of activity. Latin America and the United States are also showing positive momentum, while Europe has seen a significant increase in orders for offshore wind turbines. Despite a decline in orders from Western manufacturers, the industry continues to evolve with differentiated strategies.

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AGEL’s operational wind power capacity exceeds 1 GW

AGEL reaches an important milestone in the field of renewable energies, with its operational wind power generation capacity now exceeding 1 GW. This achievement testifies to AGEL’s commitment to sustainable energy transition, and reinforces its position as an industry leader.

RWE acquires Northland Power’s 49% stake in Nordseecluster

RWE strengthens its position in offshore wind power by acquiring the remaining 49% of Nordseecluster. With this acquisition, RWE will become the sole owner of the Nordseecluster, enabling efficient collaboration with the existing Nordsee One wind farm and maximizing overall energy production.

Neoen and Prokon start construction of two wind farms in Finland

Neoen and Prokon take a significant step in renewable energy in Finland with the launch of the Storbötet and Lumivaara wind farms. These projects, supported by Equinix, reinforce Neoen’s position as a leader in the energy transition and contribute to the goal of climate neutrality.

Bridgepoint Windar Renovables

Bridgepoint acquires Windar Renovables in landmark deal

Grupo Daniel Alonso and Siemens Gamesa are selling their stakes in Windar Renovables to Bridgepoint, boosting Windar’s growth in the global offshore wind market, while Siemens Gamesa focuses on its core business.

Equinor suspends Norwegian offshore wind farm Trollvind

Equinor, a leader in the energy industry, announces the indefinite postponement of the Trollvind offshore wind project due to multiple technical, financial and timing challenges. Despite this setback, Equinor reaffirms its commitment to developing floating wind energy in Norway.