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Siberian Force 2: an agreement with China “before the end of the year”?

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Energy spoke about the progress of negotiations between Gazprom and CNPC for the Siberian Force 2 pipeline project. Although the Russian president has declared that all agreements have been reached, the timetable for the project remains unclear and the Chinese side seems less enthusiastic.

Zaporijjia: the safety of the nuclear power plant in a “precarious” state

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has warned about the precarious situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The risk of a major nuclear accident is real and requires urgent intervention by the competent authorities to ensure the protection of nuclear safety.

Russian gas: Beijing in a strong position against Moscow

The Siberian Force 2 pipeline project, which aims to link Siberia to China’s Xinjiang, is considered vital for Russia in its quest for new markets in Asia. But China, now the largest buyer of Russian energy products, remains cautious about its involvement in this project.

Rosneft: Net profit in 2022 down 7.9

Recent events have affected Russian companies, such as Rosneft, which has announced a 7.9% drop in net profit in 2022, but continues to invest in new hydrocarbon projects.

Russia: Gazprom announces record deliveries to China

A new era for Russian gas exports to China? Gazprom sets a new record for gas deliveries through the “Siberian Force” pipeline, as talks between Chinese and Russian leaders focus on energy cooperation.

Sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines: An act of hybrid war?

The sabotage of two gas pipelines in the Baltic rekindles geopolitical tensions between Russia and Europe, in the context of the invasion of Ukraine. While the American and Russian media are putting forward conflicting versions, the investigation into the operation is facing difficulties of attribution.