Nuclear power in Algeria: ROSATOM and COMENA strengthen their partnership

Russia strengthens its strategic partnership with Algeria in nuclear energy. ROSATOM and the Algerian Atomic Energy Commission (COMENA) organized a workshop to discuss nuclear energy solutions for the Algerian energy market.
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ROSATOM strengthens its nuclear energy partnership in Algeria. ROSATOM and the Algerian Atomic Energy Commission (COMENA) jointly organized a workshop on nuclear energy solutions for the main players and companies in the Algerian energy market. This event marks the first collaboration between the two parties and takes place at COMENA headquarters.

A nuclear partnership based on trust

Abdelhamid Mellah, COMENA Commissioner, and Boris Arseev, ROSATOM Deputy Director of Development and International Affairs, opened the workshop. In his speech, Boris Arseev emphasized the trust-based nature of the partnership built between the two countries over many years. He also presented ROSATOM’s foreign order book, which includes 34 reactors in 11 countries. The company is a leader in the construction of nuclear power plants with a market share of 88% and has commissioned 15 reactors in the last 17 years. ROSATOM was also the first to launch Generation 3+ reactors.

For his part, Abdelhamid Mellah stressed that Russia and Algeria are long-standing strategic partners, including in the nuclear field. He added that the workshop is a unique opportunity to benefit from ROSATOM’s experience in the field of nuclear technology.

In-depth discussion on potential cooperation of Rosatom in Algeria

The workshop continued with an in-depth discussion on potential cooperation between COMENA and ROSATOM on nuclear energy in Algeria. The Algerian side presented the country’s nuclear power program and the current objectives and expectations of the nuclear power plant project.

Russian generation 3+ VVER-1200 reactors were presented to the workshop participants. These reactors are the most advanced flagship technology promoted by Rosatom abroad. The VVER-1200 reactors meet all post-Fukushima safety requirements and include a unique combination of active and passive safety systems, making it the safest reactor technology.

Rosatom also offers SMR solutions, another small-capacity technology that supplies electricity to remote areas, island states, countries with lower electricity needs or specific industrial projects, such as mining projects. It has faster construction times and lower start-up costs. In addition, it is easy to increase and decrease power to meet changing energy needs. Rosatom not only offers conceptual technology, but is already successfully operating SMRs in Russia. Indeed, the floating power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” has already been supplying electricity and heat to the port city of Pevek in the Russian region of Chukotka for more than two years. Rosatom has also launched the development of the first onshore SMR nuclear power plant in Yakutia, which will be equipped with RITM-200N reactors and which they will connect to the grid in 2028.

In conclusion, the workshop on nuclear energy solutions jointly organized by ROSATOM and COMENA marks the beginning of a strengthened partnership in nuclear energy in Algeria. The two parties discussed potential solutions and the benefits they could offer Algeria in terms of energy.

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