At La Hague, arrival of used fuel

At La Hague, France, Orano reports receiving the 21st shipment of Dutch spent fuel for recycling.
La Hague Orano

At La Hague, France, Orano reports receiving the 21st shipment of Dutch spent fuel for recycling. The first contract with the Dutch operator EPZ was signed in 1978. Since then, the Orano la Hague site has received more than 380 tons of spent fuel.

Secure transport

At La Hague, Orano announced the arrival of a shipment of 8.6 tons of Dutch spent nuclear fuel at the rail terminal. These spent fuels will be sent to the Orano la Hague plant for processing and recycling. In addition, Orano NPS operates the transport of three packages.

The transportation of these wastes complies with national and international safety and security regulations. In addition, the type of packaging meets the safety standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Thus, its design ensures the protection of people and the environment in all circumstances.

Contractualized operations

This transport is part of the contract signed in 2011 with the Dutch electricity company EPZ. The contract provides for the processing and recycling of 216 tons of spent nuclear fuel by Orano. In addition, the intergovernmental agreement between France and the Netherlands was published by decree in 2013.

Spent fuel contains 96% of recoverable energy materials thanks to treatment and recycling operations. The 4% of final waste will be verified to allow safe and stable conditioning. Finally, they will be exported back to the Netherlands in accordance with French law.

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