Takeda signs a VPPA

Takeda has signed a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Enel North America to expand renewable energy generation in the United States.
Takeda - VPPA

Takeda and Enel have entered into a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) to promote the development of clean energy sources in the United States. This 12-year environmental stewardship agreement aims to promote clean energy sources with the goal of zero net emissions. A 79 MW section of Enel’s Seven Cowboy wind farm in Oklahoma will deliver electricity to the grid. Eventually, the two partners plan to produce up to 350,000 MWh of renewable energy credits per year.

The innovative choice of VPPA

The VPPA is a long-term bilateral agreement for renewable energy. Tarda will provide strategic support for the supply of additional renewable energy to the local power grid. The Japanese company will purchase approximately 350,000 MWh annually, enough to provide electricity to 30,000 U.S. homes per year.

The project is expected to be operational in 2023 and will enable Takeda to meet its electricity needs in the United States. Takeda’s deputy general manager and head of sustainability, Takako Ohyabu states:

“The health of the planet and the health of people are inextricably linked and it is incumbent upon us to do everything in our power to protect both. This agreement plays a key role in creating a more sustainable infrastructure while fostering responsible innovation. It also allows us to minimize our impact and address one of the most pressing health emergencies for humanity and the planet.”

A milestone for Takeda’s decarbonization in the US

The project’s renewable energy creation will supply the U.S. power grid on a large scale. This is an important step for Takeda in its efforts to promote sustainable development. The renewable energy certificates resulting from this VPPA will be applied to the manufacturer’s carbon reduction program.

This agreement represents more than 100,000 tons of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and approximately 20% of its current Scope 1 and 2 emissions. The renewable energy certificates issued under this program will cover the U.S. power supply for BioLife Plasma Services’ centers. The manufacturing and logistics sites, as well as the research and development offices, will also be supplied with electricity.

The head of the renewable energy department of Enel North America, Paolo Romanacci, announces on this subject:

“It is clear that businesses must play a primary role in decarbonization in the United States. Enel offers a range of tailored solutions to help our partners achieve net zero. With this VPPA, Enel is proud to support Takeda’s progress toward its sustainability goals.”


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