Framatome and Nuscale announce the signing of new contracts

Framatome and NuScale Power announce the signing of two new fuel handling and services contracts.
Framatome et NuScale

Framatome and NuScale Power announce the signing of two new fuel handling and services contracts.

A long-term partnership

Framatome and NuScale strengthen their long-term partnership .These contracts concern design of fuel handling equipment and fuel storage racks. Thus, this equipment concerns NuScale’s VOYGR small modular reactor(SMR) power plant.

Framatome is partnering with American Crane to design handling equipment that will transport fuel assemblies within the NuScale plant. The features of the VOYGR fuel handling equipment will be based on Framatome’s proven designs. In addition, the equipment will benefit from further improvements to fully perform remote fuel handling.

Framatome is also partnering with Orano to adapt the designs of high-density spent fuel racks. This combination is designed to meet the unique requirements of VOYGR plants. Framatome and Orano will bring best-in-class teams to ensure optimized design and subsequent manufacturing in support of NuScale.

Recognized expertise

Dale Atkinson, chief operating officer and chief nuclear officer at NuScale, says:

“NuScale is proud to strengthen its relationship with Framatome, a renowned and widely respected international leader in nuclear power. This agreement demonstrates how NuScale’s technology is meticulously developed with a leading international nuclear design and manufacturing organization.”

These contracts are part of the engineering support Framatome is providing to NuScale. Framatome is also providing support for the licensing analysis required for the approval of the standard design by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The partnership between NuScale and Framatome is strengthened by these contracts and will continue until the VOYGR plants are built. VOYGR plants will provide a range of flexible power options to meet diverse energy needs around the world. NuScale’s SMR represents the next wave of nuclear reactors.

This contract allows Framatome to consolidate its expertise in component design for the SMR market. This positions the company as the leading nuclear service provider for the small modular and advanced reactor fleet. This technology represents the next wave of reactors planned for 2050.

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