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The merger of IRSN and ASN in France raises concerns

The French government has announced the merger of the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) and the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) to streamline the nuclear safety review process. However, this decision has raised concerns about France’s nuclear safety.

Nuclear safety in France: IRSN unions concerned

IRSN unions fear the loss of independence of nuclear safety in France after the announcement of the merger with the ASN and the CEA. The Minister of Energy Transition is scheduled to meet with union representatives to discuss this reorganization.

France: Transfer of IRSN’s competences announced by the government

The French government has announced its intention to transfer IRSN’s competencies to other institutions in order to strengthen synergies in nuclear safety and to revive the French nuclear program. This meeting will strengthen the independence of the control and increase synergies in nuclear research and development.


CRIL receives an SFEN Award

CRIL receives the SFEN technological innovation award for 3D printing of uranium-based objects, a world first.

NUWARD, SMR and European Cooperation

The small modular NUWARD reactor developed by EDF will be subject to a pre-assessment by the French Nuclear Safety Authority. The ASN will collaborate in