Prysmian invests in a new cable ship

Prysmian Group announces a €200 million investment to expand its fleet of cable laying vessels.

Prysmian Group announces a €200 million investment to expand its to expand its fleet of cable-laying vessels.

A new ship

Prysmian Group announced that this new cable ship would enter service in 2025. The new vessel, built by the VARD Group, will be distinguished by its technical performance, operational flexibility and durability. The cable ship will be similar to the Leonardo da Vinci, delivered in 2021 by the same company.

It exceeded all expectations in its first year of operation. Valerio Battista, CEO of Prysmian Group, states:

“The development of more efficient and sustainable power grid infrastructure is essential to enable the energy transition, and submarine cables are a key part of that. As a global leader, we are fully committed to technology innovation and are pleased to partner with global leaders in shipbuilding such as Fincantieri and Vard to also enhance our installation capabilities.”

The new vessel will have a similar hull to its predecessor with a length of about 170 meters and a width of 34 meters.

It will integrate similar cable installation equipment. In addition, this will be the sixth vessel to be added to the company’s fleet. Hakan Ozmen, EVP Project BU at Prysmian Group, said:

“The new vessel will definitely change the game by strengthening our installation capabilities and supporting our leadership position in the interconnection and offshore wind farm markets, while ensuring timely delivery and execution. This new vessel joins the Leonardo da Vinci and other cable ships in our existing fleet, and will now support the Group’s long-term growth in the evolving subsea cable installation business.”

An ecological design

Prysmian ‘s vessel will also reduce its fuel consumption by 40% compared to a traditional cable ship. Indeed, the high load capacity of the cables and the speed of navigation will significantly reduce the number of cable installation campaigns required. In addition, the highly efficient and environmentally friendly engines will reduce NOX emissions by 85%.

In addition, these motors will enable the cable installer to comply with international environmental requirements. Finally, the new vessel will carry a battery pack with a total power of 3MW. The Prysmian vessel will be in charge of important projects such as Dominion Energy.

This is the largest subsea cabling project ever secured by Prysmian in the United States. He will also be responsible for the Neuconnect Energy Link project, the first power cable connection between the UK andGermany. Finally, the company will assign it to the Dolwin4 and Borwin4 projects, two grid connection cable systems for offshore wind farms in Germany.

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