Poland: Rivalry between Westinghouse and KHNP

Poland is expected to choose the American company Westinghouse to build its first nuclear power plant.
Pologne Centrale nucléaire

Poland is expected to choose the American company Westinghouse to build its first nuclear power plant.

A power plant in project

Poland is seeking partners to build 6-9GW of nuclear capacity and provide 49% equity financing. Warsaw is working to reduce its carbon emissions. Indeed, the country wants to phase out coal.

The American Westinghouse is competing for the deal with the South Korean state-owned company Korea Hydro Nuclear Power (KHNP). Indeed, the South Korean company submitted its offer to Poland last April. In addition, Warsaw was also discussing the project with French companies.

Intense negotiations

The Polish Climate Ministry met last month in Poland with the U.S. ambassador and a local representative of Westinghouse. Thus, Warsaw received an offer from the United States to build nuclear power projects in Poland. Jacek Sasin, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, says:

“There is no decision yet, but … there are many indications that it will be the American Westinghouse.”

Poland’s largest public utility, PGE, the public utility ZE PAK and KHNP could sign a letter of intent. It would concern the separate construction of a nuclear power plant. In addition, this plant would be located in Patnow, in the center of the country.

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