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Nigerian gas, the stake in an energy war in the Maghreb

Morocco and Algeria are battling for control of the European energy market with competing pipeline projects. But with the EU’s decision to move toward cleaner energy, these mega-projects are raising questions about their relevance.

Boom of 63% in liquefied natural gas imports in Europe in 2022

European imports of liquefied natural gas increased by 63% in 2022, according to an IEA report. This increase is due to the drying up of Russian pipelines and has led the global LNG market to double in value, reaching a record $450 billion.

Blessing or curse: Ugandans divided over oil megaproject

TotalEnergies and CNOOC’s oil project in the impoverished eastern region of Uganda is sparking debate over its environmental and social impact, as some residents have benefited from the sale of their land while others have been taken to court for opposing the project.

Eskom in governance crisis

Eskom’s governance crisis continues to deepen in South Africa, with the abrupt resignation of its CEO André de Ruyter. The latter has denounced the corruption that undermines the company and has made heavy accusations against the ruling party. Eskom has appointed Calib Cassim as interim leader.

Glencore’s net profit soars 248%.

Despite huge fines, Swiss group Glencore sees its net profit soar in 2022. Rising commodity prices and slowing demand could damage the economic outlook for 2023.

USA: New rules for sharing nuclear technology

There have been significant changes in the U.S. nuclear information sharing rules. Mexico becomes an unrestricted authorized country, while Colombia and Egypt are now excluded from the list of generally authorized countries.