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Author: Clément LACROIX

renouvelable afrique

Energy for Africa in 2024: The Future of Renewable Energy

The crucial issue of energy in Africa takes on a new dimension with the “leapfrog” strategy towards renewable energies, according to IRENA. Afrique Energy Corp, present on the continent, is contributing to Africa’s energy sector with promising oil discoveries, paving the way for a transition to natural gas and wider electrification of the continent.


Sungrow supplies a 100 MW solar farm in Hungary

Sungrow is supplying medium-voltage inverters for a large-scale solar park in Central Europe, a major project that will power more than 50,000 Hungarian households. Construction by China National Machinery Import and Export (CMC) is progressing despite the challenges of the pandemic, with a scheduled completion date of February 2021.

parc solaire d'Ashama

Ashama Solar Park: the largest in West Africa

The future Ashama solar farm in Nigeria, developing 200 MW, will become the largest in West Africa, meeting the energy needs of the country, where 80 million people lack access to electricity, and helping to solve Africa’s energy crisis.

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