Veolia aims for Energy Independence

Veolia's ambition is to make its water and waste services in France energy self-sufficient within five years thanks to renewable energy.
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Veolia announced on Thursday its intention to make its water and waste services in France energy self-sufficient, with the production over 5 years of more than 2 terawatt-hours (TWh) of local energy “to cover the full equivalent of its current consumption”.

This volume, which will be “100% renewable”, corresponds to the equivalent of the consumption of 430,000 homes, explains the company.

This will include the widespread production of biogas from the degradation of organic waste and the methanization of sludge from the wastewater treatment plants operated by Veolia, the production of biofuels from used edible oils, and the production of electricity from non-recyclable waste (biomass, solid recovered fuels).

Veolia also wants to install photovoltaic panels on all its sites that allow it.

The environmental services giant, headed by Estelle Brachlianoff since July, had launched a global plan in March to reduce energy consumption by 5% and increase energy production by 5% in two years.

According to the CEO, the company in France “already produces the equivalent of two-thirds of the energy it consumes. It will increase this momentum, alongside local authorities, to make all our services energy self-sufficient within five years.

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