Spain orders 104 MW from Vestas

Spain expands its wind power capacity with Vestas, which will install 23 wind turbines in the Castillon and Leon region.

Spain orders 104 MW from Vestas for a wind farm in the Castilla y León region.

Vestas is a global supplier of renewable energy. It has established itself in 88 countries and has nearly 157 GW of energy capacity. Vestas specializes in onshore and offshore wind power. The company is a European leader in energy transition.

Vestas accelerates its presence in Spain

The entire order was made possible by the Spanish producer Estudios y Proyectos Pradamap under the Vapat Group. The company is well established in Spain, where it operates 650 MW of wind power assets. The group aims to develop 1 GW of renewable energy in the country. The General Manager for Spain of Vestas, Agustìn Sànchez-Tembleque, thanked the group for their participation in this new agreement.

The project in Spain supports the country’s energy transition. It provides for the installation of 23 wind turbines of 4.5 MW each.

Vestas is experiencing difficulties due to the rising costs of raw materials needed to build its wind turbines. Its revenues fell by 6% to 3.3 billion euros. The fallout from the war in Ukraine has also hurt the renewable energy sectors, explained its CEO Henrik Andersen. However, the company has not stopped investing in the world.

For example, it has developed its network in New Zealand where it has acquired just over 40 MW of wind power assets. Finally, it announces the release of its new wind prototype with a power of 15 MW which could be the most powerful turbines in the world.

In Spain, Vestas is developing its network of wind turbines for other productions. For example, the company enabled 5 GW of wind power to be used for renewable hydrogen production earlier this year.

Spain has more than 28,000 MW of total wind power capacity. By 2021, the country had installed an additional 843 MW. However, Spain was planning to add 2.2 GW per year to meet its targets by 2030. Spain is still the 5th largest wind power in the world, after Germany, which holds the first place in terms of installed capacity in Europe.

The region of Castilla y León is the leader in the country in terms of installed renewable capacity. It includes more than 22 GW of wind and hydro assets. The region also specializes in photovoltaic production. It is a driving force for Spain’s transition.

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