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French Guiana attracts the interest of oil giants

Guyana has attracted the attention of major oil companies such as Shell, Petrobras and Chevron for its upcoming auction of offshore oil exploration blocks. This region is considered the hottest of the decade in terms of oil potential.

Chevron doubles oil production in Venezuela

Despite the political risks, Chevron announced that its daily oil production in Venezuela had nearly doubled to about 90,000 barrels per day, up from 50,000 barrels produced before the lifting of U.S. sanctions last year.

Record net profit for Eni in 2022

Italy’s Eni Group on Thursday announced record net profits of 13.8 billion euros for the year 2022, more than double the profits made the previous year. A tax on “excess profits” has also been introduced by Italy and competitors are following suit despite the fact that Eni’s share price is falling on the Milan stock exchange.

Record profits for oil “super majors” in 2022

The year 2022 was a successful one for the major oil companies, which raked in $151 billion in net income. However, not everyone is happy with these profits, with governments and NGOs questioning their relevance in the midst of a global energy and climate crisis.

Equinor reports record results for 2022

he Norwegian energy giant, Equinor, announced on Wednesday exceptional financial results for the year 2022. Net income reached $28.7 billion, due to the surge in gas prices. Equinor’s future investments, generous shareholder compensation plans, and strong growth position for the future point to a company on the rise.