Romania ready for an SMR

The International Atomic Energy Agency is concluding a SEED (Site and External Events Design) review for an SMR project in Romania.

Romania intends to develop nuclear energy, through the deployment of an SMR. IAEA is completing a safety review of a first SMR site.

SMRs are smaller than traditional reactors and have lower initial capital costs. Being smaller, they have shorter construction times but one third the production capacity of a large reactor. However, they pose less risk to the public in the event of an accident.

Romania asks for expertise

The Romanian government had previously selected Doicesti as the preferred site for the SMR. This choice was made following an in-depth expertise. In addition, Romania has asked the IAEA to conduct a site survey.

This SEED (Site and External Events Design) mission took place to determine the right location. In addition, the IAEA conducted this assessment according to its own safety criteria.

Thus, Paolo Contri of the IAEA, spoke about the objectives of this comprehensive review:

“The recommendations made will help Romania prepare for the construction of the SMR, ensuring that site safety issues are carefully considered early in the process and that alternative sites are available in case the selected site does not meet requirements.”

The mission team included three experts from Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

This type of expertise allows us to ensure several stages of project development. In fact, it helps to review the site selection, design of structures, systems and components. This, while taking into account all the risks that such an installation on the site can imply.

Development of nuclear power in the country

The Romanian SMR project is part of the country’s strategy to expand and modernize its nuclear power program. To date, Romania has only one nuclear power plant located in Cernavoda. It produces about 18% of the country’s electricity.

Cosmin Ghita, CEO of Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica, emphasized the importance of the review conducted by the IAEA. To develop such a project, it is necessary to respect strict safety standards.

In addition, the country can be used as an example for other countries wishing to develop the same technology. He is even willing to share his experience on strategic and technical aspects.

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