Bloom Energy expands its presence in Taiwan

Bloom Energy and Unimicron enter into an agreement to deploy 10 MW of fuel cells at Unimicron's Taiwanese plants.
Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy has entered into an agreement with Unimicron. The agreement concerns the deployment of 10 MW of fuel cells in Unimicron’s Taiwanese plants. This is an opportunity for Taiwan. Indeed, the country is seeking to achieve carbon neutrality and is increasingly diversifying its energy sources.

Bloom Energy’s technology to help decarbonize Taiwan

Bloom Energy and Unimicron agree to deploy up to 10 MW of fuel cells at Unimicron’s Taiwan plants. Installations are expected to begin in 2023 and be completed by 2026. As a result, Bloom Energy is increasing its presence in four Asian countries. In particular, thanks to its Energy Server based on solid oxide fuel cells.

Taiwan sets ambitious decarbonization targets for its industries. Therefore, theBloom Energy’s energy server can play an important role in Taiwan’s decarbonization. This includes the production of electricity from a variety of non-combustible fuels.

In addition, theBloom Energy’s energy platform can be configured to create a microgrid. It can operate in parallel with an electrical network or independently of it. When powered by a fuel source with an underground pipeline system, such as natural gas, they are less susceptible to the impacts of extreme weather conditions. This allows for safe and continuous operation and avoids the costly consequences of unplanned downtime.

Bloom Energy’s technology also allows users to hedge against price volatility by locking in a large portion of their electricity costs. Especially with multiple financing options and flexible terms.

The energy company is multiplying its projects

Bloom Energy also unveiled a multi-gigawatt manufacturing plant in Fremont, California, in July 2022. To meet the growing demand for its technology. The $200 million investment created a 164,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Following the opening of a new research center and global hydrogen development facility in Fremont, bringing Bloom Energy’s footprint to over 524,000 square feet.

In addition, Bloom Energy added a high-volume commercial line for electrolyzers at its Newark, Delaware, plant. Increasing the company’s electrolyzer production capacity to two gigawatts.

Already operating in South Korea, Bloom Energy is powering the 1st utility-scale combined heat and power project. The company is multiplying projects such as the development of nuclear-based hydrogen, for example. An opportunity for Taiwan, which is seeking to meet its decarbonization targets.

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