Thierry Rossignol

Thierry Rossignol


India replaces China in Nepal

In Nepal, India replaces China. NHPC will develop the West Seti (750 MW) and SR6 (450 MW) hydroelectric plants.

centrale hydraulique en construction au parc Virunga

DRC, Hydraulic Power Plant Attacked

In the DRC, the M23 is multiplying its attacks on civilians and the country’s energy infrastructure. A hydroelectric power plant, still under construction, in Virunga National Park was attacked.


Norway reviews its Energy Strategy

In a particular context, Norway is reviewing its energy strategy. The country intends to decarbonize the exploitation of hydrocarbons in order to achieve its climate objectives. However, it can no longer rely solely on hydroelectricity.


An Indian Carbon Market?

India intends to accelerate its energy transition. Thus, to reduce its emissions, the country intends to launch its own carbon market.

collaborative solar

The Growing American Solar Collaborative

The collaborative solar energy market is accelerating in the United States, despite still uneven access. Support from the federal government could help.

energy storage_energynews

Energy storage is growing

The energy storage market is growing. Global capacity is expected to exceed 500 GW by 2031. While the United States remains a major player, China intends to establish itself as a global leader. For its part, Europe, despite its potential, remains behind.

hydrogène renouvelable

Renewable Hydrogen at Felixstowe

ScottishPower wants to produce renewable hydrogen at the port of Felixstowe in the UK. The plant will be built in 2025.