Quentin Pares

Quentin Pares

E-fuels: The Limits To Their Development

After analyzing the theoretical capacity of E-fuels to reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector, let’s analyze the difficulties that E-fuels are facing that prevent

E-fuels For The Energy Transition?

E-fuels thus represent all liquid or gaseous fuels from decarbonated sources such as water electrolysis. This category includes potential fuels as distinct as ammonia, methanol

Goreh-Jask Pipeline: a game-changer for Iran?

The Goreh-Jask Pipeline could, according to some experts, represent a strategic turning point for Iranian hydrocarbon exports. This pipeline should allow the country to export


TurkStream 2: the new Nord Stream 2?

TurkStream 2 could represent a major turning point in the distribution of gas flows in Southeast Europe. Crossing Bulgaria and Serbia, this pipeline will provide

Biden Climate Plan: The Chinese Equation

The Biden climate plan is an important step toward achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. The new president’s desire to achieve carbon neutrality by