Qair Invests in Waste Recovery

Qair is investing in waste-to-energy by acquiring Britaniacrest Recycling, a waste management company.
Qair investit dans la valorisation des déchets

Qair invests in waste and energy recovery. The renewable energy producer announced the acquisition of Britaniacrest Recycling, which specializes in waste management. A project of energy recovery which constitutes an alternative to their burial.

Qair expands into the UK

This acquisition confirms Qair’s ambition to continue its expansion in the UK. In fact, the group, already solidly established in Europe, has set up a British subsidiary. The company has a portfolio of onshore wind and photovoltaic projects at various stages of development totaling 700 MW of capacity.

This transaction gives Qair access to a well-managed waste management company and associated infrastructure. Louis Blanchard, Qair’s CEO, points out that these are solid assets:

“We see a significant opportunity to build on the strong capabilities and reputation of the BCR team and continue to grow the business.”

In addition, the acquisition gives the company full rights to the Energy from Waste project at the company’s Wealden Works site near Horsham.

Energy recovery from waste

With this acquisition, Qair wishes to recover residual waste to produce energy. Thus, waste that cannot be recycled, reused or composted is offered an alternative to landfill.

As such, Qair intends to provide an outlet for the residual non-recyclable fraction of waste by diversifying the operations of Britaniacrest Recycling. Ray Foss, Managing Director of Britaniacrest Recycling Ltd, says:

“We are pleased to finalize the acquisition by Qair and look forward to working with them to grow the business and the waste-to-energy facility.”

Energy recovery from waste also reduces Britaniacrest Recycling’s carbon footprint.

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