HyCC and VNG launch GreenRoot

HyCC and VNG collaborate to develop renewable hydrogen in Germany. They launch the GreenRoot project.

HyCC and VNG are collaborating on the GreenRoot project, aimed at developing large-scale production of renewable hydrogen. The Dutch hydrogen production company has therefore teamed up with the German gas producer to help plants in central Germany reduce their CO2 emissions.

The two companies signed a Memorum of Understanding (MoU) at a smelter in Bitterfeld to show their commitment. The collaboration will start with a study of the technical feasibility and industrial production potential of renewable hydrogen.

The goal is to seek to develop large-scale projects in the electrolysis sector in the region within the next 3 to 5 years.

A capital project of HyCC and VNG

HyCC and VNG are targeting central Germany for this project because of the high concentration of chemical plants in the area. The potential for the development of a renewable hydrogen market is therefore considerable in this area.

HyCC Director Stijn Van Els states:

“Central Germany has a long industrial tradition. By combining our experience in electrolysis with VNG’s experience in renewable energy supply HyCC is making a major contribution to the transformation of these industries to a more sustainable model based on renewable hydrogen.”

Renewable hydrogen at the heart of Germany’s climate challenges

Renewable hydrogen is produced by HyCC from renewable electricity and water through the electrolysis process. Its production does not cause CO2 emissions or other harmful substances. The development of the renewable hydrogen industry is crucial for achieving the climate goals in Germany and Europe.

It allows the production of steel, kerosene, essential chemicals and raw materials without CO2 emissions.

Ulf Heitmüller, Managing Director of VNG AG, comments on this:

“We are very excited about this collaboration with HyCC. The future belongs to renewable hydrogen as a sustainable energy source without CO2 emissions. That is why it is necessary to accelerate the development of renewable hydrogen with such projects. We need a large-scale industrialization of hydrogen production to support the German energy transition.”

According to the executive, the site is the ideal location for the development of renewable hydrogen. That’s why the partnership with VNG represents a significant step towards the transition of their natural gas base to renewable gases.

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