GIP launches Skyborn Renewables

Global Infrastructure Partners has announced the launch of Skyborn Renewables, a new international player in the wind energy sector.
GIP Skyborn

GIP, Global Infrastructure Partners, invests in wind energy infrastructure with the opening of Skyborn Renewables. The investment company has taken control of Skyborn, an industrial company specialized in wind energy, with more than twenty years of experience to its credit. Skyborn Renewables, formerly operated by WPD offshore, aims to become an international leader in the wind energy sector.

Skyborn, world champion in wind energy

The company is involved in 5 projects completed or under construction in Germany, France and Taiwan. Skyborn also manages a pipeline of more than 30 GW of highly diversified offshore wind projects at various stages of development.

Skyborn has over two decades of development experience and a production record of some 7 GW. It also has a presence in 15 markets in Europe and APAC.

Skyborn Renewables CEO Berge Olsen says:

“Skyborn Renewables will combine the experience of this team with GIP’s financial strength and track record of investing in the renewable energy sector to deploy wind for the benefit of future generations. Our mission is to address the global challenge of the climate and energy crisis.”

The contribution of GIP

GIP has appointed a new management team to lead the project. These energy professionals have nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. We find João Matelo, investment director and financial director, Morten Melin, co-head of operations with twenty-five years of experience in offshore wind.

Thomas Karst will also serve as Co-Chief Operator, drawing on his twenty-five years of industry experience and successful customer projects. Lars Muck and Cathrin Browne will join the team as Technical Director and General Counsel.

Lars Muck has twenty-five years of industry experience and leadership, and Cathrin Browne has eighteen years of experience in senior positions at leading marketing companies and law firms.

In order to support this new team and to strengthen the operational capabilities of Skyborn Renewables, an office will be opened in Hamburg.

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