Exus launches renewable energy fund

Exus Mangement Partners announces the launch of a stand-alone renewable energy investment fund.
Exus renouvelables

Exus Mangement Partners announces the launch of a stand-alone renewable energy investment fund.

The goals of the Exus Revolving Fund

Exus has launched its first renewable energy investment fund. The fund is called “EPEF I” for Exus Partners Energy Fund I. The company highlights its expertise in sustainable investments acquired through its operational excellence to justify the choice of creating this fund.

The Exus revolving fund will take a co-investment approach. It will focus on low-risk and diversified investments. This will be done mainly through the development and acquisition of wind and solar assets in Western European markets.

More specifically, EPEF I aims to deploy 70% of its capital in the Iberian market. A first round of financing will close at the end of 2022 with non-institutional investors. Exus’ goal for its renewable energy fund is to reach €50 million by the first half of 2023.

A strategic project

Exus Management Partners states that it would actively manage all assets acquired by the revolving fund. This will allow them to extract the maximum value possible, while keeping operational costs to a minimum. The company already has in-house expertise to explore the potential benefits of repowering and hybridization.

Luis Adao da Fonseca, founder and managing partner of Exus, believes that this project is strategic and essential for the company. The fund will help exploit opportunities in renewable energy, while mitigating risk.

In addition, by limiting their investments to wind and solar assets, and in areas where they have in-depth market knowledge, Exus believes it can offer consistent and reliable returns to investors. In addition, they will participate in theglobal drive for clean energy through the EPEF I fund.

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