Bp partners with Deep Wind Offshore to develop wind projects

Bp and Deep Wind Offshore join forces to develop wind projects in South Korea. Both companies aim to implement sustainable projects in close collaboration with local stakeholders to bring clean electricity to the country and opportunities for local communities and the supply chain.
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Bp recently announced a collaboration with Deep Wind Offshore to develop wind projects in South Korea. The combination of the two companies will enable the development of a portfolio of quality projects with a net generating capacity of 1.5 GW.


A promising collaboration for the realization of sustainable projects

Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, noting the perfect match between his company’s development team and bp’s execution capabilities. Both companies seek to implement projects in a sustainable manner, working closely with local stakeholders, to bring clean electricity to the country and opportunities for local communities and the supply chain.


The authorization process is underway

The permitting process for the four Deep Wind Offshore projects in South Korea is already underway. Wind measurement devices were installed in 2021 and 2022 and additional wind measurement systems will be installed in the near future. Both companies are also seeking commercial electricity licenses in the coming period.


An expanding global offshore wind portfolio

With this new project in South Korea, bp is strengthening its global presence in offshore wind energy. The company already has an onshore wind portfolio in the U.S. with a total generating capacity of 1.7 GW and a net capacity pipeline of 5.2 GW. Together with EnBW, bp is also developing projects in the Irish Sea and the North Sea in the United Kingdom, with a potential gross generating capacity of around 6 GW. In the U.S., the company is developing up to 4.4 GW through two projects off the East Coast – Empire Wind and Beacon Wind.



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