Bougainville Benefits from Boralex Repowering

Bougainville Repowering, France's wind farm is being renewed through technological innovation.
Bougainville repowering

Bougainville Repowering, France’s wind farm is being renewed through technological innovation.

Repowering and recycling

Bougainville Repowering is located in the Somme department in France (Hauts-de-France). It will enter into service in November 2022 after a first inauguration in 2005. Operated by Boralex since 2018, the wind farm was undergoing a technical renovation.

The installation of 6 New generation wind turbines (V126) allow an increase in production of more than 50%. Thus, the installed power reaches 18MW against 12MW previously. Bougainville Repowering has the capacity to supply energy to more than 16,000 households.

Bougainville’s old repowering turbines have a recyclability rate of over 90%. Thus, they will find a new life on the European second-hand market. In addition, all the materials recovered will be sent to the appropriate recycling channels for the construction sector.

The repowering market

Boralex is investing more and more in repowering. The company is the market leader in Canada and the leading independent producer of onshore wind energy in France. Nicolas Wolff, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Boralex, Europe, said:

“In the midst of the energy crisis, the repowering of wind farms makes sense. Given the positive environmental impact, the production gains from technological advances, the extension of our commitment to territories used to wind power and the speed of deployment, the repowering of wind farms is a concrete response to the government’s stated objective of accelerating renewable energy production. It is further proof that renewable energies, which are competitive and protect the purchasing power of the French population, are the key to the French energy challenge.”

The multi-year energy program published by the French government in 2020 calls for a doubling of wind power capacity. This will increase to 34GW by 2028, compared to 19GW installed as of December 31, 2021. According to the Wind Observatory 2022, repowering could result in an estimated 5GW of capacity gain by 2030.

Bougainville repowering thus represents a major action in France’s energy objectives. Boralex develops a portfolio of nearly 4GW of wind and solar projects. In addition, the company is committed to the preservation of the environment.e 800 MW in storage projects.

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