Amp Americas and BerQ RNG put up for sale

Amp Americas and BerQ RNG, two North American renewable natural gas (RNG) producers are for sale.
BerQ RNG biogaz

Amp Americas and BerQ RNG, two North American renewable natural gas (RNG) producers are for sale.

Financial support

Amp Americas and BerQ RNG are up for sale due to new US tax incentives. In addition, recent investments in the sector give hope of cashing in on a significant price. The price of RNG remains higher than natural gas.

However, energy and investment companies are hoping for a global drive to reduce carbon. In addition, some governments are providing financial incentives to industry to move towards a low-carbon industry. For example, Archaea Energy, based in the United States, was the subject of a $4.1 billion buyout by the oil company BP.

High valuations

While the valuation of BerQ RNG is unknown, the valuation of Amp Americas is approximately $1 billion including debt. These buy-sell processes are particularly confidential. RNG, also called biogas, is captured from organic waste.

Many developers hope that it can replace some of the sources used to avoid the impacts of climate change. President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides tax breaks for companies that invest in the biogas market. For example, Amp Americas, based in Chicago, builds and operates methane capture facilities on dairy farms.

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