Wind Power Market: Vestas’ Out of the Box Turbine


The offshore wind market is set to welcome the world’s largest turbine: the Vestas V236-15.0MW and its 43.000m2 of blade surface. The Danish company thus dethroned the 14MW Haliade-X of the American General Electric. It is also anew technology that raises the level of performance while reducing the costs of offshore technology

Danish offshore wind market shakes up standards

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine

The Danish wind power market is evolving thanks to its wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. The latter has just announced this Wednesday, February 10, 2021 the launch of its new offshore wind turbine V236-15.0MW. With it, Vestas wins the title of “world’s largest offshore wind turbine” previously held by General Electric‘s 14MW Haliade-X.

The V236-15.0MW will have a rotor diameter of 236 meters and a blade area of over 43,000 m2. It will be powered by the largest swept area in the industry: 43,742 m2. For comparison, GE’s Haliade-X has a rotor diameter of 220 meters and a windswept area of 38,013m2.

The first V236-15.0MW prototype is expected to be installed in 2022 in the North Sea. Mass production is scheduled for 2024.

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80 GWh/year per turbine

The V236-15.0 MWTM pushes the boundaries of offshore wind power generation. A single turbine can produce 80 GWh/year depending on the specific conditions of the site where it is located. This is enough energy for more than 20,000 households.

As for the 115.5m blades, they result in a capacity factor of over 60%. Fewer turbines will therefore allow for more annual energy production than the current energy system.

The V236-15.0MW will exploit the optimal design synergies of the existing turbine platforms. This includes the 9 MW platforms and the EnVentus platform. Advanced systems, such as the efficient geared transmission, CubePower converter and 8000 control system, are integrated and optimized for a next-generation offshore platform.

Offshore wind: a lucrative sector for Vestas

14.8 billion euros in sales

Despite the current health crisis, the group is achieving record sales. According to CNBC, it has actually passed the 110 billion kroner (14.8 billion euros) mark for the first time. Profits reached 5.7 billion crowns (765 million euros).

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42.8 billion euros in the order book

At the end of 2020, Vestas’ order backlog totaled EUR 42.8 billion (DKK 319 billion). For Henrik Andersen, President and CEO of Vestas:

“Offshore wind will play a key role in the growth of wind energy and the V236-15.0 MW will drive this development by lowering the cost of energy, making our customers more competitive in offshore tenders in the future.”

In short, the construction of the world’s largest new wind turbine is a result of its manufacturer’s good financial health. In general, Danish companies such as Vestas or Ørsted dominate the European offshore wind market. This market seems to have an extremely promising future.

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