Wind Farm: a 1st “Energy Island” in Denmark

A unique wind farm located on a future artificial island has recently received the green light from the Danish government for its construction. Such a construction on a specially created artificial island is a world first. As a future energy hub in the North Sea, this wind farm will play a central role in the development of European energy policy.

A 10 GW wind farm on an artificial island

This wind farm consisting of 200 offshore wind turbines could generate more than 10 GW. 3 to 10 million households would be supplied in Denmark, but also in neighboring countries. For the first time, it will be located on an artificial island in the North Sea on the Jutland Peninsula.

Completion is expected around 2030.

Ensuring Denmark’s energy transition

Denmark intends to rely on its wind power projects, including a new one already planned in the Baltic Sea, to ensure its energy transition. It wishes to ensure this by diversifying its energy sources and limiting its dependence on oil. It hopes to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 70% by 2030 compared to the 1990s.

Denmark: future reference in wind energy on artificial islands?

According to Dan Joergensen, the Danish Minister for Climate, the wind farm will help “realize the enormous potential of European offshore wind power. Indeed, the EU plans to reach a production capacity of 300 GW by 2050.

In conclusion, this “first energy island” makes Denmark a reference in this field. It also strengthens the EU’s diplomatic weight in the fight against global warming.

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