Seismic technology: Gazprom Neft awarded

Russian Green Seismic technology has just been recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly Russian projects of 2020. The objective of Green Seismic, developed by Gazprom Neft, a subsidiary of Gazprom, is to reduce the environmental impact of hydrocarbon exploration.

Award-winning seismic technology

Winner of the Vernadsky National Ecological Prize 2020

The Russian Green Seismic technology has just been awarded the Vernadsky National Ecological Prize in Russia.

According to Yuri Masalkin, director of geological exploration at Gazprom Neft, this green seismic technique has a bright future ahead of it. He states about it:

“today [c’est] the reference in geological prospecting”.

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Better identify hydrocarbon-rich deposits

Green Seismic works as well as a system of seismic recording devices, it gives an echography of the structure of the earth layers.

It can therefore effectively detect hydrocarbon-rich deposits. It also prevents the multiplication of unworkable and harmful drillings for the soil, which generate a lot of pollution.

A technology that reconciles oil exploitation and ecology

4.5 million uncut trees

As a result of his work, more than 4.5 million trees have not been cut down in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District of Russia, the Yamalo-Nenetsi Autonomous District of Russia, and the Tomsk Oblast.

This concern for the protection of the environment is welcomed by the director of the Vernadsky Foundation, which issues the award. According to Olga Plyamina, Gazprom is an “example of responsible corporate management”.

A model of committed Russian enterprise

At the end of 2020, the CDP gave Gazprom Neft a grade of B. This organization, recognized by investors, evaluates the environmental impact of companies on a global level. B is the best grade ever given to a Russian company.

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