Salmon Falls: second major project for MVE

Salmon Falls

MVE has announced the development of a new clean energy project in southern Idaho, USA. Specifically, this project, Salmon Falls Wind Project, is located in Twin Falls County on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Salmon Falls Wind Project, an ambitious project

Salmon Falls Wind Project is expected to generate approximately 800 MW for western markets. The wind project must contribute to the implementation of a cleaner electricity network. The project site brings together many features that are essential to its success.

Indeed, the wind potential is important. In addition, the site does not include sensitive biological resources and is located near high voltage power lines.

The project is still in its initial phase. MVE is currently in discussions with federal, state and local agencies. It also interacts with local stakeholders. Construction is expected to begin in 2024.

Luke Papez, project director, enthuses:

“We look forward to continuing our coordination with the Magic Valley communities to make the Salmon Falls Wind Project a success.”

Important economic benefits

Salmon Falls Wind Project represents a significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure. Eventually, it will generate significant economic benefits. Indeed, it must create hundreds of jobs for its construction.

In addition, this project will have an impact on the local economy. It will provide a significant increase in local and state tax revenues. During the construction period, tax revenues are estimated at over $46 million.

In addition, its operation will bring new revenue to taxing districts, including more than $600,000 annually for the Filer School District.

MVE wants to develop renewable energy in the West

Luke Papez comments:

“The need for renewable energy in the West continues to grow. Idaho has long been a leader in clean energy production, and the Salmon Falls project continues that legacy, putting Idaho at the forefront of wind energy production in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner, while supporting significant increases in economic benefits that few other opportunities can provide.”

Salmon Falls Wind Project, along with the Lava Ridge Project, will meet the need for carbon-free electricity throughout the West. However, to meet the region’s energy goals, tens of thousands of megawatts are still needed.

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