Rural Electrification in Africa: NEXANS in Ivory Coast

Rural Electrification in Africa: NEXANS in Ivory Coast

Rural electrification in Africa is progressing with 35 Ivorian communities newly equipped with electrical infrastructure. The French company NEXANS contributed to the operation. This project is part of the Ivorian National Rural Electrification Program (PRONER).

Rural electrification in West Africa

Rural electrification in Africa is a major development issue for the continent. The Ivorian government has therefore done its part through its National Rural Electrification Program. The latter aims to connect all rural Ivorian communities by the end of 2025.

This initiative has recently equipped thousands of people in 35 rural communities. Thus, individual houses as well as a public lighting system have been connected.

The French company NEXANS, specialized in cable transmission lines, was in charge of this electrification. The company was involved from the engineering phase to the installation of the network, including the supply of equipment.

Abidjan plant to produce local electricity

Damien Simon, Marketing and Strategy Director for the Building and Territories segment at NEXANS, welcomes the practical and sustainable approach of the group’s actions. Indeed, as of 2018, NEXANS has opened a plant in Abidjan to address the lack of infrastructure and equipment in the region. The rural electrification project is therefore facilitated by local production.

But rural electrification does not stop at the 35 communities recently connected. NEXANS aims to bring its global expertise to the whole PRONER of the Ivory Coast.

NEXANS is committed to fighting fuel poverty

NEXANS is a major player in the global transition to more connected and sustainable energy. The group has been operating for more than 120 years in advanced technology fields. Today, it offers a complete service based on digital technologies to optimize infrastructure performance.

Its varied expertise allows it to intervene as much for offshore wind farms as for oil and gas infrastructures.

The creation of a foundation for the electrification of disadvantaged populations

In 2013, the group created the NEXANS Foundation to support solidarity initiatives in the fight against poverty and energy insecurity. It is the first corporate foundation of its kind in this sector.

The group is then characterized by its commitment to the electrification of disadvantaged populations around the world. This allows, in short, a safe and sustainable development of the standard of living of the populations by ensuring, also, the maintenance in the employment locally.

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