Renewable Energy: Windvision Acquires Vortex Energy Belgium

Renewable Energy: Windvision Acquires Vortex Energy Belgium

Renewable energies are experiencing an unprecedented boom. Windvision has therefore decided to expand its activities in this market. For this reason, the French company has just acquired Vortex Energy Belgium, a subsidiary of the German giant Vortex Energy. It will also allow us, on its own scale, to participate in the success of the European objectives of energy transition.

Renewable energies: Windvision, a leader in Belgium

For renewable energy, Windvision hopes to increase its production capacity through the acquisition of Vortex Energy Belgium. Its ambition is to reach 500 MW against 200 MW of installed capacity today. The company is already recognized worldwide for its 81 MW Estinnes wind farm in Belgium.

Vortex Energy Belgium will bring a certain added value to Windvision. In this sense, since 2017, Vortex Energy Blegique has assembled a portfolio of 244 MW for onshore wind and 34 MW for solar.

Belgium attractive for renewable energies

Many investors are attracted by the Belgian market. This is the case of the American company BlackRock which, last year, bought 100% of Windvision’s shares. The latter has since been able to develop more projects in other European countries.

Recently, it won with EDF Renewables the project of the future most powerful wind farm in France named Mont des Quatre-Faux (226 MW).

Helping the Green Pact for Europe

Companies, such as Windvision, will help implement the EU Green Deal. The European Union plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. By 2030, it hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55%.

The arrival of a company such as Vortex Energy Belgium opens new perspectives for Windvision in a promising sector for the future.

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