Renewable Energy: Vestas Uses Apple Tech


Renewable energies are now using technologies from tech companies to increase their efficiency. Between the promise of a better customer experience, time savings and money, new technologies are enabling renewable energy project developers to support more ambitious growth plans.

In this sense, Vestasa leader in sustainable energy solutions, is now using Apple for the development of its wind farms. Indeed, the iPhone and iPad help Vestas manufacture, install and maintain wind turbines around the world. And this, while promoting the customer and technician experience.

Renewable energies and “tech”: a win-win marriage

Enable an immersive customer experience

Renewable energies and their manufacturers like Vestas are indeed using Apple technologies. In that sense, during the company’s record-breaking fourth-quarter earnings call, Apple mentioned the iOS deployment at Vestas.

According to Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO:

“Vestas makes extensive use of Apple products and native iOS apps across its operations.” “Apple’s technologies enable the efficient delivery of renewable energy to its customers around the world.”

Indeed, Vestas is also using the augmented reality capability of iPads to help customers visualize wind turbine installations in the field. In addition, the applications use real-time data, making document and task management, troubleshooting and maintenance efficient and intuitive.

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400,000 hours of service saved per year

The use of Apple’s technologies is therefore versatile. For example, one of the largest costs on any turbine installation project is the crane that helps mount the systems. Vestas says it can save a day’s worth of crane rental on each project by using Apple technologies. This generates real savings of several million dollars.

Also, the company’s field technicians use the iPhone for remote ordering, troubleshooting and collaboration. The company has over 10,000 field service technicians. Vestas estimates that using Apple’s technologies saves them 400,000 hours of service per year.

Finally, Vestas claims that the use of iPhones and iPads in its factories and warehouses has boosted efficiency. For example, warehouse employees save one hour per week that can be spent on other tasks. In this sense, the use of Apple products is also suitable for staff.

Technological tools to facilitate fieldwork

“Apple iOS is very popular among our staff.”

According to Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf:

“Technology has become the entire employee experience.

Vestas employs more than 25,000 people worldwide. It is therefore important to design applications that are comfortable and allow for employee organization. For example, given the environments in which some turbines are placed, they must be able to operate offline when a connection is not available.

According to Asier Vega Sanchez, IT architect at Vestas:

“Apple iOS is very popular among our staff.” “The apps provide the right functionality.”

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Reduce boring daily tasks

Also, the use of iOS allows you to remove the most annoying daily tasks. For example, Vestas has a team of 20 robotic process automation developers dedicated to creating assistants. The goal is to automate certain processes that can be done by a machine and leave only the most interesting tasks to the employees.

Finally, while the use of Apple’s technologies is helping Vestas to grow, and at the same time renewable energy, it is also providing an improved working environment for employees.

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