Photovoltaic: EDF sets up in Kenya

Photovoltaic: EDF sets up in Kenya

Almost simultaneously, EDF also acquired a 23% stake in Bboxx Kenya, a new generation energy provider. As a result, solar energy in Africa is expected to enjoy unprecedented development, both along the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and in West Africa, for example in Togo.

Photovoltaic and off-grid solutions to fluidify the African low-carbon electricity supply

Photovoltaics in Africa to empower people

Photovoltaics would allow Africa to rapidly empower populations with low-carbon electricity. For this, the continent can count on the expertise insolar energy of the French energy company EDF.

The cooperation of the companies stands out in the market thanks to an innovative system. A global approach including design, construction, operation and maintenance of the installations. Thus, these off-grid solutions allow to reassure customers who are doubtful aboutsolar energy.

By capitalizing companies in the sector, EDF contributes to their growth.

Existing projects in West Africa

West Africa already benefits from photovoltaic systems thanks to Sunculture, an EDF partner. The latter has installed irrigation pumps for the benefit of small farmers. This also extended EDF’s off-grid solutions into the photovoltaic grid.

These various collaborations also help to accelerate EDF’s development in Africa. The group is already present in 14 countries on the continent.

Bboxx Kenya, the innovative solar electricity provider

500,000 Kenyans already have access to low-carbon electricity

For its part, Bboxx Kenyapresents itself as a new generation energy provider with a solar photovoltaic system already present. Currently, the company provides access to electricity for more than 500,000 Kenyans.

Bboxx, is satisfied with this partnership with the EDF Group, which has already proven itself in Togo. These partnerships would allow in the long term to reach one of the UN’s objectives, that of allowing access to clean energy for all.

All of Africa to have access to clean energy

The notable challenge of the African continent remains its difficult conditions of access to stable energy. Therein lies the importance of the off-grid system for this population.

EDF’s collaboration with Econet Energy Kenya and Bboxx Kenya is therefore an important issue. It should increase access tophotovoltaic energy in Africa, particularly in Kenya. In addition, the overall economy of the country, and even the continent, would be boosted by this new sustainable energy.

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