Offshore Wind Market: Forming the American Way

The offshore wind market is growing rapidly, especially in the United States, which offers training to companies to integrate it. In this sense, the Business Network for Offshore Wind has launched a training program to help U.S. companies expand into this market.

The offshore wind market: training to integrate it

The wind energy market has now a training course specially created for its integration: the Foundation 2 Blade (F2B). This program helps companies to identify their place in the offshore wind supply chain.

Initially, the program offers tools to capitalize on the growing offshore wind market. Secondly, this program helps to stimulate innovation. Finally, in the third part, he presents to companies how to integrate this market.

A training program that has already proven itself

In late 2020, the Business Network successfully partnered with the State of Rhode Island. For example, he provided F2B training to local companies involved in a new offshore wind project 14 times larger than Block Island.

The United States is betting on the offshore wind market

Offshore wind is one of the fastest growing renewable energies in the world. In the United States, it is a nascent industry. It therefore needs the participation of companies in the energy, transportation, etc. sectors to develop.

The goal is to create a local supply chain capable of meeting the growing demand and building projects along the coast.

A market supported by the federal government

For Liz Burdock, CEO of the Business Network:

“This will be the year that offshore wind energy has emerged as the next big American industry.”

A recent executive order passed by the federal government calls for doubling the amount of offshore wind energy in the U.S. in the next ten years. New projects are planned and are already attracting millions of dollars of local investment.

In sum, as Liz Burdock says, offshore wind has a bright future in the United States. The establishment of training courses to integrate this market is proof of this, as the wind energy market is developing very quickly on the continent, from 15 to 20% per year.

For offshore alone, 7 GW of projects are under construction. Nevertheless, Europe remains the leading market for offshore wind energy in the world with no less than 70% of the installations.

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