Offshore Wind Employment: Hiring Wave by 2030


Employment inoffshore wind is expected to triple by 2030 to about 900,000 according to energy market analyst Rystad Energy. In a new study, Rystad also estimates that installed offshore wind capacity should exceed 250 GW by 2030. China could be relatively excluded from this market growth driven by Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Offshore wind employment could explode in the next 10 years

868,000 jobs in the world in 2030

Offshore wind employment should logically accompany the development of installed offshore wind capacity. According to Rystad Energy, this could reach 110 GW by 2025 and 250 GW by 2030. As a result, the number of jobs could increase from 297,000 in 2020 to 868,000 in 2030.
The analysis includes the direct and indirect jobs induced by the deployment of offshore wind capacity worldwide. The direct jobs concern the development, manufacturing, construction, installation, as well as the operation and maintenance of the parks. Indirect jobs are linked to the materials and services consumed. That is, among others, the workers of steel mills, electronics, staff of institutions and regulation of renewable energy.

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66% of manufacturing jobs

Of the direct jobs, those related to manufacturing represent about 66% of the total potential. Installation jobs should represent 10% and project development 4%. Operations and maintenance account for 20% of the employment potential.

A global dynamic, except in China

Stagnation of Chinese employment in offshore wind

Rystad Energy believes that Europe, Asia ex-China and the Americas will drive global job creation in theoffshore wind industry. Indeed, Europe could see the demand for employment more than triple by 2030, from 110,000 in 2020 to around 350,000.

Asia would see a sharp increase in employment in the second half of the decade, driven by South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. China, on the other hand, could see employment demand stagnate around 2030.

In the Americas, Rystad Energy estimates that the United States will have 15 GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2030. In Brazil, too, job demand is expected to increase.

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Recruiting oil and gas workers

The explosion in demand for offshore wind jobs will be an opportunity to recapture some of the workers from the oil and gas industries. This is especially true for maintenance, project development and engineering jobs.

According to Alexander Fløtre, Rystad Energy’s product manager for offshore wind:

“Oil and gas workers will also benefit from this projected growth in offshore wind employment globally, as they share some critical offshore skills and knowledge.”

In sum, employment rates in the fossil fuel industry have plummeted with the pandemic and are not expected to return to their former glory. On the other hand, the offshore wind sector is growing rapidly and will undoubtedly be the new haven for energy sector jobs in the coming years.

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