Nexif Ratch Energy joint venture inaugurated

The Nexif Ratch Energy joint venture represents a new renewable energy platform in Southeast Asia and Australia.
coentreprise Nexif Ratch Energy solaire

The Nexif Ratch Energy joint venture represents a new renewable energy platform in Southeast Asia and Australia.

A multi-sector company

The Nexif Ratch Energy joint venture is the result of a joint effort between Ratch and Nexif Energy. The two partners will register their joint venture in Singapore in December 2022. In addition, Ratch holds 49% of the platform’s capital and Nexif Energy holds 51%.

Nexif Ratch Energy joint venture starts with an advanced pipeline of renewable projects. Indeed, the company integrates the sectors of hydroelectricity, wind energy, solar energy and energy storage. Moreover, according to the two partners, the new platform should grow rapidly.

Complementary expertise for a joint venture

Nexif Ratch Energy benefits from the expertise and proven track record of Ratch and Nexif Energy. Both partners plan to add new projects to their portfolio. The new company is to continue the development of ongoing projects in Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.

In addition, it will provide support in the management of certain acquired assets held directly by Ratch. For Nexif Energy, the joint venture provides a solid foundation to capitalize on the growth opportunities offered by the energy transition. Finally, the net-zero target and volatile conventional energy markets provide growth opportunities for the new joint venture.

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