Nexans Windlink to supply Vestas Onshore Wind Farms


Nexans Windlink has signed a two-year contract with Vestas Wind Systems to supply one million turbine cable kits. These cables are intended for onshore wind farms in Europe, the United States, China and Brazil. This new agreement reinforces Nexans ‘ position as a leading supplier to Vestas.

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Nexans Windlink: reliable, high-performance cables

Nexans Windlink has been awarded a two-year contract with Vestas. Approximately one million sets of Windlink cables are planned to be used to supply Vestas turbines. This concerns Europe, the United States, China and Brazil.

The low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) cable kits are rated at 2, 3 and 4 MW. They will provide pre-connected, pre-tested and easy-to-install connections for power, control and communication functions. The purpose is to power the nacelle, the tower and the control panels of the wind turbine.

Insulation is provided by rubber, thermoplastic or silicone depending on their specific application. But more than that, the contract includes an important new development: the use of entirely lead-free materials in the construction of MV cables.

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Complete a global procurement project

Made possible by Nexans’ comprehensive and global expertise

As a leading global supplier, their cable assemblies benefit from the global supply chain. Nexans’ operations include Europe, the United States, China and Brazil, including a recent capacity expansion in Poland and China.

In return, Vestas seems to appreciate the comprehensive portfolio and dedicated expertise in technical support provided by Nexans. The partnership between the two companies has indeed been tested and approved for the development of the EnVentus platform.

But also by a great capacity of local supplies

Thus, Christopher Guérin, CEO of Nexans, states:

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with Vestas. Our vision is to build a safer, sustainable, renewable, decarbonized world that is accessible to all, and the wind turbines manufactured by Vestas are a perfect fit for that vision.”

In short, Nexans has the capabilities to deploy an extensive local supply chain. And Windlink cables reflect the goal of matching Vestas ‘ global footprint while reducing carbon impact.

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