LONGi breaks a new record


LONGi’s new heterojunction photovoltaic cell has achieved a power conversion efficiency of 26.5%. Thus, it breaks a new record. This feat was achieved on full size M6 (274.4 cm²) single crystal silicon wafers. The record was validated by the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin, Germany.

LONGi sets a string of records

The company welcomed this new achievement in a statement. She states:

“The company continues to lead the industry, with its speed of innovation and high-efficiency photovoltaics products contributing significantly to the global energy transition.”

Last October, LONGi had already broken the world record for photovoltaic cell efficiency. It achieved a cell efficiency HJT 25.82%. Then by 26.3% just a few days ago.

A series of records followed. LONGi achieved 25.47% efficiency for a P-type cell in March and 25.19% for its TOPCon P-type solar cell in July 2021. In June 2021, it recorded an efficiency score of 25.21% for a TOPCon type n device.

It also achieved an efficiency of 26.3% for its N-type HJT cell.

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