Keystone XL: redirecting workers into Solar?

The controversial Keystone XL project in the United States was cancelled by Joe Biden on his second day in office. John Kerry then suggested that the laid-off workers be redirected to the manufacture of solar panels.

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Keystone XL Cancelled, John Kerry Wants to Redirect Workers

Following the Keystone XL cancellation, John Kerry says solar is an alternative for laid-off workers. Their skills would be easily transferable. He says manufacturing jobs in the solar sector don’t “require you to be an MIT graduate.”

In addition, the fossil fuel industry is not well liked in the US Congress. It is a sector that is growing little, unlike the solar sector. Also, the development of solar energy would guarantee a certain independence from Chinese manufacturers.

The will to counter Chinese ambitions in solar energy

The majority of solar panels visible on American rooftops are Chinese. Several Chinese companies have set up shop in the United States during the Trump era, but many solar panels are imported directly from China. In fact, 8 of the 10 largest solar panel companies in the world are Chinese.

Chinese solar giants are investing heavily in Southeast Asia, and dominate the entire panel manufacturing chain. The United States, but also the European Union, are increasingly dependent on China in this sector.

Although John Kerry’s sentence may seem banal at first glance, it is already part of the Sino-American struggle for control of the technologies of today and tomorrow.

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