Ivan Sedlo Wind Farm: From 19 to 5 Wind Turbines

Ivan Sedlo Wind Farm: From 19 to 5 Wind Turbines

The Ivan Seldo onshore wind farm is expected to develop 25 MW of power and produce 78.3GWh. This is despite the reduction in the number of wind turbines. Initially, the park was supposed to have 19 wind turbines, but it will finally have only 5.

A wind farm of 19 wind turbines, then 12, then finally 5

A project planned for 12 years

The wind farm of Ivan Seldo, planned since 2008, had already been modified. It was initially planned to develop 39.9 MW of power through 22 or 19 wind turbines. The number of wind turbines was finally reduced to 12, then to 5, for a power of 25 MW.

Work is scheduled to begin in August 2021 in the municipality of Hadzići, Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2 years of work for a park to be operational in 2023. A total of 20 construction jobs will be filled.

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EUR 30 million of investments

Suzlon Wind Energy BH, a subsidiary of the Danish company Suzlon Wind Energy, is the initiator of the project. The company and the Canton of Sarajevo waited until 2018 to sign the 30-year concession agreement to operate the park. The local authorities have also estimated the investment needed for the park at €30 million.

Offshore wind power growing strongly worldwide

To develop a power of 25 MW with 5 wind turbines instead of 19 for 39.9 MW, the turbines installed will be more powerful than those initially planned. And this reduction in the number of wind turbines will also reduce the area affected by the park.

The wind turbines will come out of the Siemens Gamesa factories. Each will be 102.5 meters high and 145 meters in diameter. This, at an altitude of between 1172 and 1526 meters. And to limit the impact of the wind farm on the environment, they will be at least 30 meters apart.

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