IPO: £300 million for NextEnergy Renewables


A £300 million IPO was announced earlier this week by British company NextEnergy Renewables (NREN). With this IPO, the company British NREN for the development of solar energy will be able to open its capital to investment.

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An IPO and 300 million pounds expected

NREN’s IPO, according to its president Anne Wade, is a unique investment opportunity in renewable energy. The company’s ambition is to increase the global supply of renewable energy. NREN will use the clean energies already available, but also aims to develop other key infrastructures for the energy transition, particularly in terms of energy storage.

The funds raised through the IPO will be used to invest in NextPower III ESG. This fund holds a significant portfolio of international solar assets. Also, NREN plans to invest in other private platforms through co-investments in order to diversify.

NREN will be managed by NextEnergy Capital IM Limited, a global investment manager specializing in the renewable energy sector and part of the NextEnergy Group.

A favorable context for investment in renewable energy

NREN aims to capitalize on the strong growth prospects to come. According to Anne Wade, the timing of the fund’s launch is favorable since there is a “large universe of investments.” Indeed, renewable energies are expected to account for the majority of the electricity produced in the world by 2030.

Between 2019 and 2050, an estimated $13.3 trillion should be invested in new power generation capacity, equivalent to $416 billion per year. 80% of these new investments concern renewable energies. In this sense, NREN plans to raise more funds once the company is listed on the stock exchange, to take advantage of this context.

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An attractive project for investors

The market being favorable to renewable energies, NREN is an attractive project for many investors. According to Anne Wade, the company offers a diversity of asset classes, which will grow further with the first investments.

The company states that it aims to provide investors with regular income and long-term capital appreciation. It is targeting a total return of 9 to 11% per year and a market capitalization of 2 billion pounds within 3 to 5 years.

Finally, NREN’s IPO is part of a more global context. That of an attraction for renewable energies, on the part of civil society, but also of investors.

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