Investment in Renewable Energy: Macquarie Raises €1.6 Billion

Investment in Renewable Energy: Macquarie Raises €1.6 Billion

The investment in renewable energy (RE) is becoming more and more promising and many investors are reorienting themselves. This is the case of the Australian bank Macquarie. Indeed, the latter has recently organized a fundraising of 1.6 billion euros in favor of investment in RE.

Renewable energy investment boosted by new Macquarie fund

1.6 billion euros

In terms of renewable energy investment, Macquarie is among the world leaders. Thanks to her experience, she was able to mobilize 32 investors with a higher than expected amount raised. In total, 1.6 billion euros were raised, i.e. 600 million more than the initial target of 1 billion.

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The Macquarie Green Investment Group Renewable Energy Fund

The Macquarie Green Investment Group Renewable Energy Fund (MGREF2) will be dedicated to financing clean energy projects. For example, the fund will already participate in 10% of the financial investments in the 576 MW Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm in the UK. Other countries will be supported in their energy transition, such as the United States, Japan and Mexico.

Macquarie, a global leader in clean investments

Macquarie is a globally recognized leader in private investment to address climate change. It has already distinguished itself with the establishment of the first offshore wind fund, MGREF1, at the international level.

In addition, the acquisition of Green Investment Bank (GIB) from the UK government has significantly increased its clout. Now Green Investment Group (GIG), it manages a portfolio of six wind farms in the UK for 1.45GW. It also helps select the lowest carbon emission projects through its green impact studies.

In conclusion, Macquarie was quick to see the economic opportunity of investing in renewable energy. It has taken into account the challenges of the 21st century and supports the world in its energy transition.

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