Hydrogen Aircraft: £84 million invested in the UK


The Hydrogen Aircraft would be a real technological revolution for the aerospace sector, which has been hit hard by the health crisis. In this sense, the British government has decided to invest more than 84 million pounds sterling. This research would open new perspectives.

The hydrogen aircraft, a revolutionary green technology

Priority to clean energy

The hydrogen aircraft could solve some of the pollution problems caused by conventional aircraft. Even though the use of cleaner energy has become a global priority.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, emissions from air traffic have been reduced by almost 60% in 2020. But not everything is due to the current crisis.

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Accelerating travel with hydrogen

Indeed, progress is being made in this sector, often ignored, notably with the development of hydrogen-powered aircraft.

The latter would allow travelers to go abroad in a more environmentally friendly way. It could also revolutionize our daily life with shorter flights. This would have two positive consequences: less congestion on the roads and faster travel.

A £84 million bet

The creation of 5000 jobs

The British government has decided to bet everything on this new technology. To this end, it has decided to fund three projects to the tune of 84.6 million pounds. Nearly 5,000 jobs could be created in this way.

Great expectations are placed on these projects which could play a central role in the fight against global warming. According to Paul Scully, British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs :

“These pioneering projects are expanding the horizons of future air transport, towards a greener future.

The goal is zero emission flight by 2023. It has become urgent for the country to end its dependence on polluting energies such as oil.

Three innovative projects funded

  • The first elected project is H2GEAR with 27.2 million pounds: It is led by GKN, the world’s leading provider of greener aerospace solutions. He plans to set up an innovative system with liquid hydrogen propulsion, usable for all types of travel.
  • 12.3 million pounds is won by Hyfler II from ZeroAvia: leading developer of hydrogen powered aircraft. The funds will be used to increase the number of zero-emission engines.
  • Blue Bear Systems Research ‘s Inception receives £2.4 million in funding: It wants to develop a fully electrified zero-emission propulsion system for all aircraft.

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Massive investments in aerospace

11 billion pounds in research and development

During the health crisis, the British government was keen to support a key sector of its economy. A total of £11 billion has been mobilized.

Massive expenditures have been directed towards research and development for several years

In 2012, the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) was born. It is more than 3.9 billion pounds invested in aerospace programs for the period 2013-2016. At the end of 2020, Boris Johnson presented his 10-point plan for a green industry that would create 250,000 jobs.

For example, under the Future Flight Challenge, £125 million for aerospace is being awarded to companies working on clean vehicles. There is also a partnership, called the Jet Zero Council, between the government and industry to find solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Developing “green” soft power

The United Kingdom has the privilege of hosting COP26 in Glasgow this year. Its position as a pioneer in hydrogen aircraft is a considerable asset for its environmental diplomacy.

The UK government has set a target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 68% by the end of 2030. The hydrogen aircraft will undoubtedly be an ecological but above all economic asset for the United Kingdom.

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