Henry Snaith wins Leigh Ann Conn Award

Henry Snaith, a physicist at Oxford won the 2021 Leigh Ann Conn Renewable Energy Award from the University of Louisville.
Le Professeur Henry Snaith récompensé Énergies renouvelables

Henry Snaith, professor of physics at the University of Oxford and co-founder and chief scientific officer of Oxford PV, has won the 2021 Leigh Ann Conn Renewable Energy Award from the University of Louisville. This award recognizes outstanding ideas and achievements in the field of renewable energy with a proven global impact.

A great step forward for renewable energies

Snaith is being recognized for his work on the development of perovskite solar cell technology. This technology allows to produce more electricity from sunlight. The professor has been working on this technology since 2012.

Over the past decade, he has led the research community in advancing the fundamental understanding of perovskite materials. Thus, it was his research that made them usable by improving the efficiency of the devices, their long-term stability and their cost-effectiveness.

The 2021 Leigh Ann Conn Renewable Energy Award recognized him for his research to further increase the efficiency and durability of perovskite solar cells.

Henry Snaith’s colleagues rave about it

His colleague, Ian Shipsey, professor and chair of Oxford’s physics department, praises Snaith’s work:

“This is a wonderful achievement, richly deserved. Henry’s work is indeed groundbreaking. Photovoltaic research is vital if we are to address the impact of energy use on the Earth’s climate. In this way, Henry’s group is leading the way.”

Laura Herz, professor and associate director of research for the Division of Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences at Oxford, agrees:

“Professor Snaith’s research is at the forefront of science. However, as this award recognises, its practical and commercial approach means that it has the potential to benefit society enormously in very real terms. This is a fantastic example of our research portfolio here at Oxford. Furthermore, I congratulate Professor Snaith on this achievement.”

In March, Snaith will give a public lecture in Louisville about his work. In addition, he will receive the Conn Award medal and a $50,000 award at an official ceremony. Thus, University of Louisville Interim President Lori Stewart Gonzalez, who will present the award states:

“The University of Louisville salutes Professor Snaith’s research. It also salutes his demonstrated efforts to improve our world through technology. Producing energy from renewable sources is a defining global challenge. Dr. Snaith’s work is making renewable energy more competitive, more reliable and more accessible.”

Finally, Hank Conn, father of the girl for whom the award is named, seems equally enthusiastic:

“Henry Snaith is transforming the field of solar power generation. It is exciting to honor a scientist who has the fortitude, patience and resilience to drive the commercialization of his technology to market where it makes an impact. This recognition is Leigh Ann’s lasting legacy through the award.”

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