Gas Power Plant Malaysia: GE Deploys 9HA.02 Turbine


A new 1440 MW gas-fired power plant in Malaysia is to be built in Pasir Gudang, an industrial town on the peninsula. Yet located only a few kilometers from Singapore, the plant should effectively address the constraints of high population density. Eventually, it will also generate electricity for 3 million homes.

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A 1440 MW gas-fired power plant in Malaysia

Malaysia facing the constraints of the terrain

Malaysia’s new gas-fired power plant is expected to support the country’s rapid population growth. Also, to meet in part the ambitions to reduce its CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030. Thus, 1440 MW are planned in the city of Pasir Gudang in the south of the peninsula near Singapore. In short, the energy needed to supply about 3 million Malaysian homes.

However, like many other Asian countries, it still faces the dilemma of reducing its coal use.

And for good reason, the country of 33 million people is made up of many hilly islands. The peninsula is made up of open land suitable for the construction of large wind or solar farms. However, due to the high urban density, very few of them are established there.

GE Gas Power and its 9HA.02 turbines

It will be a combined cycle power plant. Not only will the gas turbine generate electricity, but it will also provide heat to a steam turbine. The latter will allow the production of even more electricity.

The 9HA.02 turbines, produced by GE Gas Power, are capable of processing natural gas and other fuels very efficiently. This will make SPG the first power producer in the world to use a pair of 9HA.02 turbines to generate electricity.

From a new generation of GE machines, these had already set a world record for power plant efficiency. Indeed, their combustion system allows them to burn up to 50% by volume of hydrogen when mixed with natural gas. GSP will then have the option of using hydrogen or other lower or zero carbon fuels in the future.

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Modular container: a precious time saver

The compact plant configuration offers additional advantages. Indeed, the power plants can be built in places with smaller surfaces like in Pasir Gudang.

In addition, the turbines arrive in modular containers that allow engineers to install them relatively quickly. Finally, the units are set up for quick inspection and maintenance.

According to a recent report published by GE, switching to natural gas could reduce the carbon footprint of a power plant by 60%. The objective is to generate a significant amount of electricity in a small area. And all this while remaining affordable in terms of investment, operation and maintenance.

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